Jul 15, 2014
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Milla Jovovich serves us a pop of color in purple pointed pumps at the 2014 Just Jared Summer Fiesta on Saturday (July 12) held at Pink Taco in West Hollywood, Calif.

The gorgeous actress/model, who brought along her manager Chris, was surprised to run into her co-star Spencer List from 2011′s Bringing Up Bobby.

“(He) played my son five years ago. Sooooo fun!” Milla wrote on her Instagram. “I swear he wasn’t higher than my knee last time I saw him! ;)”

Jun 21, 2014
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Though you’re no doubt aware of the Resident Evil film series’ existence, what you may not know is that the franchise—which takes place in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and follows Milla Jovovich’s Alice as she takes on the shady Umbrella organization—is actually one of the most successful video game adaptations ever made. After the release of the first film in 2002, the following three sequels each grossed more than their predecessor, topping out at nearly $300 million for Resident Evil: Afterlife. Though the last installment, Residence Evil: Retribution, fell about $50 million short of Afterlife, it still raked in an impressive $240 million worldwide. Fans have been eager for information regarding the next film—including whether it might be the last—and now we have some revealing updates about Resident Evil 6 to share straight from director/franchise godfather Paul W.S. Anderson.

Steve recently landed an exclusive interview with Anderson, who revealed that he’s currently in the midst of writing the first draft for Resident Evil 6, which is tentatively titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Yes, it appears that the series is indeed coming to a close. Hit the jump for much more.

Though there were previously rumors that Resident Evil 6 would be in theaters as soon as September 2014, that is obviously not the case as production hasn’t even begun yet. Anderson told us that he’s currently in the middle of writing the script, and revealed the tentative titled for what’s shaping up to be the concluding chapter of the series:

“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the working title. It may end up being the final title, but that’s what’s written on the front page of my script… I’m right in the middle of [the first draft].”

Though the film is certainly a “go”, Anderson said they haven’t yet set a production start-date:

“There are no set dates for shooting yet. I think we’re waiting until we have a first draft screenplay and then go from there.”

As for the release date, that’s apparently dependent upon when the script is finished as well:

“I don’t know [when it will be in theaters], depends how fast I write, I guess. There’s no set date yet but hopefully we’ll have an announcement for that soon.”

The title of the film would seem to imply that this the end for Resident Evil as a film series, and Steve asked Anderson if the filmmaker is writing the script as if it’s the concluding chapter:

“That’s what’s on the title page, it’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, so absolutely.”

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May 26, 2014
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Milla Jovovich attends at the premiere of new action and romance movie Pompeii in Tokyo on May 26.

Milla looked stunning in a floor-length black sequined gown with a ruffled edge. Pompeii – which does not feature Milla – tells the story of a slave-turned-gladiator (played by Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harrington) who finds himself in a race of time to save his true love (Emily Browning).

However, his wife has certainly been passionate about the project.

Taking to her official Facebook account in Febrary, Milla wrote: ;Hey Everyone!! i have something so special i want to share with you all! i am so proud and excited for my amazing husband and all the hard work he’s been doing for the past year and half on his new movie “Pompeii”!,”

May 26, 2014
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Milla will visit the Pompeii premiere on May 26/27, 2014

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday! My baby and i on our first morning in Tokyo. I wish we has a better view though…#tokyodiary

Just another day… In ‪#‎chanel‬!getting ready for my hubby’s premiere of ‪#‎Pompeii‬ in Tokyo! ‪#‎tokyodiary‬

May 23, 2014
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The marella art.365 collection introduces a new concept: seasons are an obsolete concept. Fabrics and shapes always look great. Any item becomes a go-to piece for any temperature and for any occasion.
“seasonless is synonymous with timeless” says milla jovovich, who has been testimonial for the marella campaign for six seasons in a row.
14 pieces in only 1 crease-proof fabric that can be washed at home. Yet functionality does not affect design. Silhouettes are polished and contemporary and come in a range of colours that focuses on black and white.

“the jumpsuit is my favourite” says milla “there are several thing i would put in my wardrobe, starting from the ankle-lenght pants. Mach them with a blouse: they are super cool and super chic. If you want you can also combine them with one of the dresses. I really like the tulip one, that is nipped-in at the bottom.”

The capsule is so versatile, it is the essence of simplicity and design. Here they go with the next thing, a seasonless collection.”
Seasonless, timeless for endless combinations.

May 23, 2014
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Also Milla attends at the amfAR’s 21st Cinema Against AIDS Gala held during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival (May 22) in Cannes, France

May 22, 2014
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Milla Jovovich is a glamorous golden gal while hitting the carpet at the Puerto Azul Experience held during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday (May 21) in Cannes, France.

“Thanks to my bf @chrissbrenner for this awesome BTS shot last night at the #puertoazulexperience launch! The most Eco friendly concept for a luxury resort I’ve ever heard of. #cannesdiary,” Milla wrote on her Instagram account after the event.

May 21, 2014
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In her twitter she told, that she will visit amfAR on May 22 in Cannes.

Sunset in Cannes. On our way to Antibes and suddenly the clouds gathered in the sky and I captured this bit of amaze balls. #cannesdiary

On my way to Cannes to support @amfAR & their mission to end HIV/AIDS at their 21st #amfARCannes event on 5/22!! #cannesdiary

May 13, 2014
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Milla Jovovich Sings:
“Dancing Barefoot”
“I Pray You Down”

May 11, 2014
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She’s conquered fashion, film and music – and all in glorious style.

So it’s not surprising that Milla Jovovich would nail her outfit as she attended this year’s An Evening With Women benefit on Saturday in Los Angeles. The 38-year-old wore head-to-toe black for the fundraising gala, accessorising the wintry look with silver pumps with black bow detailing.

A slight key-hole at the chest was added to the dress, giving the overall dark look a touch of youthfulness. Wearing silver pumps, she showed off her long legs in black stockings as she wore her dark hair neatly slicked back. The event saw 90s female rock band 4 Non Blondes reunite after 20-years, in front of LA’s contingent of cool.

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)
Alice causes an airship to crash into Arcadia, resulting in an explosion that knocks her out and into the water. The fates of Chris, Claire, and K-Mart remain ambiguous.
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Cymbeline (2014)
She play the role of Queen who schemes to move her own son from a previous marriage onto the throne at the expense of the orphan Posthumus and the Kings daughter.
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Survivor (2015)
A newly posted State Department visa security officer (Milla Jovovich), to the US Embassy in the United Kingdom is on the run after she is framed for crimes, she didn't commit. She was given responsibility for stopping terrorists from getting into the US.
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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)
Alice, Jill, Claire, Chris, Leon, Ada, and Wesker rush to The Hive, where The Red Queen plots total destruction over the human race.
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