April, 22
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Last year, Sony set a September 2014 release date for the sixth instalment in the Resident Evil series, with director Paul W.S. Anderson and star Milla Jovovich both set to return, before things fell deathly silent on the sequel front.

Obviously that date is now out of the question, but Anderson has offered a brief update on Resident Evil 6 during the Beijing International Film Festival, with Tracking Board reporting that the film will going by the title of Resident Evil Rising, and that Bingbing Li will be returing to the cast in the role of Ada Wong.

According to the site, Resident Evil Rising “will follow Alice (Jovovich) and her crew as they rush to The Hive, where The Red Queen plots total destruction over the human race.” So far, there’s no word on when filming might begin, nor a revised release date.


April, 13
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While Milla Jovovich photographed in their spring collection , Isabel Marant takes a nap by the pool of the ” Chateau Marmont ” . On her feet she has her new sandals that were pre-ordered right after the shows in the stores. That their designs , especially the plateau sneaker that influence fashion, also has to do with its strong personality by which transmits to the objects . She does not doubt is based only on your own taste, says what she thinks , and does not bother with PRFloskeln . By mid-forties she interacts with itself rotated cigarette, gray streaks and uncensored and young without Botox. Isabel Marant is the rock star of fashion. Action star , musician and model Milla Jovovich , she learned years ago know as enthusiastic customer of their label , since this is seen over and over again in Marants advertising campaigns, most recently last winter for the H & MKollektion the designer. In addition to the interest for fashion and a keen intellect combines both the Dare to be mothers with non- calculable working hours.

Isabel Marant : You know how it is when you’re working all the time and carry around with his child .
Milla Jovovich : It’s a real challenge , which has to face almost every woman today. When I go after a twelve hour rotating home and my daughter had not sailed hen , I would like to put at least it next and cuddle with her. Some people find it strange, but for most part of the world it is quite normal when the family sleeps in one room. My husband understands this, and he really cares a great tool for Ever – even if it is ultimately Mama’s girl and somehow always remains close to me . It is never jealous , not even on my success.

Isabel Marant : Since you ‘re lucky ! For me, it was hard to find a man who understands that burns for one thing, and one does not reproach continuous: “You work too much, and you do not love me … ! “
Milla Jovovich : Terrible . That’s what I experienced in previous relationships increases .

Isabel Marant : If you then someone hits that understands and respects one , that’s great . You know that my husband is also designer and his own fashion brand . We feel the same passion for the profession and share all the tasks related to our son. It makes our life really relaxed and enjoyable.
Milla Jovovich : For me it is so that our close cooperation during the shoot is wonderful and
difficult at the same time . We are twelve years romantically involved and have our own little empire built : five Resident Evil movies plus the Three Musketeers . We , however, are not only business partners and parents, we also need to schedule time as husband and wife . One can as a pair quite well be strange, though , or just because you spend so much time together at work and as a family.

Isabel Marant : This dimension does not exist for us . We do not work together and speak at home almost never about business . While we are both in the same profession successfully , but every man for himself . Of course we look forward to on their if it runs well , but in our time together ver we try to forget the professional printing more and talk about other stuff .
Milla Jovovich : We switch off best when we watch Breaking Bad . Do you know the series ?

Isabel Marant : No, what it is about ?
Milla Jovovich : To a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who begins to produce crystal meth to pay for his medical bills. The rest I will not tell . You have to look at it you self ! We go for days not get rid of it.

Isabel Marant : That’s the reason why I such series mei de . Then I come no more to read in the garden.
Milla Jovovich : Phases of the intensive Le sens and television take turns with me . For example, I had an extreme Georgette Heyer phase , they wrote RegencyRomanzen .

Isabel Marant : I ‘ve read one of her books a long time ago – I liked it very well.
Milla Jovovich : Really? I ‘ve never met someone who knows them . Anyway, I rustle from one extreme to the next te . Read, read , read, then watch a whole season Walking Dead . In addition, I have the past few years for the London 19th Century interested . And before that it was the Middle Ages , especially the plague in Europe. That’s what I do if Ever is at school and I have time for me.

Isabel Marant : I’ve heard that Evergreen has a few Ta tions even cut his hair. I find it great that you allow that. That’s what I used to do sometimes – as a defiant response to my father, who had always wanted a pretty blonde girl . My brother was much nicer and looked more like a girl than I am.
Milla Jovovich : I did not know . My mother would have never allowed that I cut my hair, or even decisive de , what to wear . She is a control freak who has driven me to the abso lute discipline and always prescribed me what I should do. This makes them today , and I’m 37 !

Isabel Marant : This will probably not more countries CHANGE .
Milla Jovovich : I do not know … I think relationships need to be able to evolve. If you want to have a good relationship with your children , you may not criticize , but simply tries you are looking just for them.


April, 12
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Interview with Milla at Park Hyatt hotel in Milan, she was wearing a silver on MARELLA assembly to extend the leg trousers.

B: Compared with Dongkuan your design Spring Series Milla’s Bag what changes ?

M: This is my fourth collaboration with MARELLA it. Color change is the highlight of the season . This time I chose the sea, sunset and Althea colors. It reminds me of Hawaii.

B: How important is fashion to you ?

M: Like all women , I love fashion . Wear reflects our personality. The most important thing is self-esteem – if you want to build a positive image , good appearance can help you. As a mother, I have not much time to clean myself, but I know how to use a reasonable time , dress up quickly.

B: How do you choose your dress , do not spend too much time will be able to ensure that neatly out ?

M: I grew up surrounded by the fashion of things , and a group of the best designers , photographers and art directors to work with. I like to see art books , like fashion photography, fascinated atlas covers, which helped me to enhance the fashion sense . For me, the most important thing is to wear clothes that make me comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable , you will not behave very confident . If you think wearing jeans and a T-shirt more comfortable , so wear it to the party . The most important thing is to show your personality , dress just embellishment .

B: Usually at home , you do housework? What are your hobbies ?

M: hobby can be much – I would like to do a lot of things . I like writing, like to cook , like music, like a movie, I think these are a people express themselves in different ways. You know , practice makes perfect , even for a side dish , do more , and I know how to do . I like to try new things , but sometimes the results are good , but some bad times . I also like writing, it makes me picture showing the brain . I found the way poetry is also very effective for me , to get a good release . In addition , I also wrote a lot of songs – very lucky , they would issue it.

Sorry! translated by google translator

April, 11
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Flipping out over my official @iamkavinsky tour jacket. I wanted this for so long. #hawtshit…

Having a major fan girl moment cause I just received my box of @iamkavinsky goodies! thanks

March, 30
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The smiling young brunette was captured strolling alongside famous mother Jovovich and father Paul W.S. Anderson, 49, in Los Angeles on Saturday, ready to take a birthday party by storm.

The young Anderson sported a polished sky-blue blouse that folded along her tiny neckline, all while layering up the button-up with a stylish and mature cream-coloured coat.

Teaming the ensemble with a pair of deep-orange trousers, the young child appeared to be tapping into her inner tomboy with a feminine twist. In addition to a pint-size pair of black flats and comfortable white socks, the young beauty styled her short highlighted hair in a low-maintenance feathery ‘do that showed off her budding young face. Jovovich and her husband remained ever the doting parents, keeping her in the center of their attention by holding both of her hands.

The 38-year-old Ukranian beauty showed off her low-key Los Angeles vibe in a vintage-style ensemble that channeled a slightly seventies flair.

Jovovich wore a red, white, and blue stripped long-sleeve blouse, along with a pair of hip-hugging bell bottom jeans. Like her young daughter, the Ultraviolet actress wore her short brunette locks down in a easy, care-free mane, and complemented her fair complexion with a slick of red lipstick.

She contrasted the low-key vibe with a pair of stunning golden wedges that added inches to her height.

Tall father Anderson completed his family’s alternative-themed ensembles by throwing on a loose-fitting green V-neck blouse, along with a pair of dark denim jeans. Anderson accessorised with a pair of steel sunglasses, along with an army tag that slung over his muscular neck.

March, 28
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Milla Jovovich is really secretly came to Yekaterinburg last fall. Earlier this «URA.Ru» told allegedly saw her in town. But then no one has officially confirmed the information.

Today we can say for sure: If you notice Jovovich in Ekaterinburg – it was she. Rollers with its participation can be seen on television and billboards with pictures of the “stars” – on the streets of Yekaterinburg.

March, 15
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Milla Jovovich has teamed up with Marella for a new capsule collection and believes the Hawaii-inspired colours and prints are perfect for the warmer months.

The model-turned-actress has teamed up with the brand for her fourth Marella + Milla collaboration of handbags and clothing, and believes the bright hues offer a sense of exotic escapism for city girls.

She told French Grazia magazine: “The materials, the drawings, the quality of the details, everything is purer. That corresponds to my current vision of fashion. For this Spring/Summer, colours are the quintessence of style.

“They’re shiny, tropical, like blue and yellow. The collection is sophisticated, stylish and fun. A touch of holidays, tropics and at the same time very urban and cool.

“We chose colours [for the bags] representing the sea, the sun and hibiscus. It reminds me of Hawaii. It’s a way of escaping from our grey cities.”

The ‘Fifth Element’ star is especially proud of the new Milla bag, which she thinks is the perfect accessory because it is simple yet stylish.

Milla added: “It’s magnificent, very simple, white in a python-printed leather with metallic details and a special catch we designed together.

“You can wear it with everything because it’s monochrome. So you can go bold with the shoes or the dress.” – Bang Media

February, 25
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Milla Jovovich caused quite a commotion at the newly renovated Marella boutique on Milan’s Corso Vittorio Emanuele on Saturday night as passersby eagerly tried to get close to the actress and model, who fronts the ads for the Max Mara Group brand.

Jovovich flew in from London, where she has been filming political thriller “Survivor,” directed by James McTeigue and costarring Pierce Brosnan. “It’s a fun script. I play a visa security officer and there’s a potential attack on the American Embassy. I enjoy these action type movies, it’s exciting,” she said.

And Milla was shooting in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele for Marella on February 21.2014 in Milan, Italy

February, 19
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Milla Jovovich was spotted filming scenes for her new movie, action-thriller Survivor, at London’s Heathrow Airport on Monday and if the fake scratches on her face are anything to go by, Milla’s character is in a tight spot. Milla stars as a discredited U.S. agent, based in the UK, trying to stop a terrorist attack in New York’s Times Square while clearing her own name.

But it’s nothing the former model shouldn’t be able to cope with. She built her movie career out of her role as action heroine Alice in the Resident Evil franchise, where she met her director-producer husband, Paul W. S. Anderson. For her role, Milla was dressed in a low-key blue-and-white striped T-shirt under a black thigh-length coat teamed with blue skinny jeans and black boots as she mingled in with passengers waiting to check in.

Survivor on Sunday (February 16) in London, England.
The 38-year-old actress sported some cuts on her face for the movie about a Foreign Service Officer who tries to prevent a terrorist attack set in New York, but is forced to go on the run after she is framed for crimes she didn’t commit.

“Good morning! Another day, another amazing, creepy tree! #treeporn #survivormovie #londondiary” Milla tweeted the next morning, along with a pic of the creepy tree – check it out below!

February, 12
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Enjoying a fun family dinner out to start the school week, Milla Jovovich left Scott’s restaurant in London on Monday (February 10).

The “Fifth Element” star looked pretty in a gray coat, black tights, and a gray scarf as she and hubby Paul Anderson held their daughter Ever Gabo’s hands.

On Tuesday, the proud wife took to social media to deliver a message to her fans in support of her man’s new movie.

In the post, Milla gushes, “I am so proud and excited for my amazing husband and all the hard work he’s been doing for the past year and half on his new movie ‘Pompeii!’ it’s the definitive story of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD and the horrific burial of one of the most vibrant cities in the roman empire! i myself am a history buff, so this film is very dear to my heart and it took Paul 6 years to put it together, so we are so interested in what people think!”

Latest Projects

Resident Evil: Retribution
Role: Alice
Realase: September 14, 2012
Alice and the others on the Umbrella Corporation freighter Arcadia face an attack by a fleet of airships led by Alice's former ally, Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), who's been brainwashed by Umbrella through a scarab device attached to her chest. Alice causes an airship to crash into Arcadia, resulting in an explosion that knocks her out and into the water. The fates of Chris, Claire, and K-Mart remain ambiguous.
Information Pictures IMDb

Role: Queen
Realase: 2014
On August 8, 2013, Milla Jovovich also joined the cast as a female lead;she will play the role of Queen who schemes to move her own son from a previous marriage onto the throne at the expense of the orphan Posthumus and the King’s daughter.
Information Pictures IMDb

Role: TBA
Realase: 2015
Status: Filming in London
A newly posted State Department visa security officer (Milla Jovovich), to the US Embassy in the United Kingdom is on the run after she is framed for crimes, she didn't commit. She was given responsibility for stopping terrorists from getting into the US
Information Pictures IMDb

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